Keethings goal is to improve efficiency and productivity of workforce by reducing errors, downtime and execution time, thus allowing to produce more, better and with lower costs.

Our Digital Coworker lets companies manage operational processes through a simple and single interface in natural language allowing to streamline and speed up communication and collaboration between people, machines and software systems, effectively changing the paradigm of interaction between people and technologies: it is no longer the person who must learn to use the interfaces of hardware and software systems, but it is the latter that dialogue with users in natural language.

The Digital Coworker also guides the users in carrying out their tasks/activities, thanks to customized workflows and contextual information that allow to further improve productivity and reduce errors. Furthermore, it reduces problem determination and solving time taking advantage of the company knowledge base.

With Keethings, production staff can manage day-by-day operations in real time and in mobility without the need of specific training or special skills to perform their activities at best.

The Solution

Keethings offers a solution capable of improving company processes through the “Digital Coworker”