Collaboration: one of the most difficult challenges in the workplace. To collaborate means to interact effectively with one's colleagues, respecting roles and responsibilities, to exchange all the necessary information in a timely way.

Technology can play a fundamental role in speeding up the mechanisms of collaboration first and problem solving then, in particular in supporting decision-making and promoting a good exchange of information. Ultimately, ensuring that the right person receives the right information at the right time can have a major impact on productivity, in terms of cost and time savings. The type of software that can be most helpful in these cases are the enterprise collaboration and execution platforms: let's see better what are they.


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Enterprise collaboration and execution platform

This term refers to that category of software that was created to speed up communication inside the company, through various methods and various technologies. Many communication systems based on corporate intranets can certainly have a positive effect on communication and collaboration; Collaboration platforms have been created for this purpose and offer much more.

Among the features we find the virtual spaces where to share data and information in many formats among the staff involved. The most valuable aspects in this type of platforms are linked to:

  • user-friendly;
  • the accessibility from mobile too;
  • the possibility of communicating with all company machineries and systems, having simple information on the production process;
  • the ability to manage the company knowledge base in a secure way, but keeping it easy to access and create.

In addition, the best of these software are able to integrate seamlessly into business processes, to support the creation and the management of workflows and to generate automatic alerts. In short, these tools make it possible to speed up communication not only between operating personnel and managers, but also between machines and IT systems. One of the most innovative aspects that the market makes available are the Bots, or tools that allow you to interact with machines in a natural language. A clear revolution in manufacturing, with important repercussions on productivity growth and rapid implementation.

But what do the best platforms can share? Almost all the elements that can facilitate the carrying out of the tasks:

  • Conversations that allow you to compare and collaborate with colleagues;
  • Information materials, guides, video tutorials, photos to complete the most complex activities;
  • Machine data (such as temperature, status, parts produced, etc.) to keep up-to-date with the situation.

For those who are not yet convinced, you just have to keep reading.

The benefits on productivity

In this section we can go through some concrete examples of how enterprise collaboration and execution platforms can have a strong impact on productivity.

In a production plant, it may happen that some blocks, downtimes or breakdowns can occur outside the normal office hours. For example, at night a more experience technician could be forced to return to the factory to support and guide the work of less experienced figures. Or it may be necessary an urgent and extraordinary maintenance by specialized technicians. An enterprise collaboration platform helps in two ways during such situations:

  • It allows those who are on site to access to materials, guides and tutorials - perhaps placed in order of relevance and usefulness - to try to solve the problem independently or contact the right person by sharing the right information, often avoiding to ask for other staff on the plant. In economic terms, this means that the knowledge present in the company is used efficiently, without waste of time or money.
  • It also allows those who must provide remote support, whether it is a non-shift maintenance technician or an external specialist, to have easy access to all the information needed on the state of the machines, reducing errors due to the passage of information.

One last aspect to consider is the possibility to access an enterprise collaboration platform through mobile devices. This specific feature allows to increase not only the productivity but also the involvement of the workers. These last, especially in the event of problems, can monitor the situation of production processes in real time even remotely, perhaps by controlling parameters of a distant system while working on another or avoiding access to dangerous locations for reading data.

To conclude …

The information management in the company is a crucial aspect, often underestimated. The knowledge appears as an intangible and not quantifiable resource. In reality, speeding up communication has significant impacts on the efficiency of any process, particularly on production processes. To facilitate collaboration, you can rely on tailor-made technological tools, or platforms designed to exchange data, information, tutorials and guides, as well as to interact with the machines and between colleagues. These platforms will allow you to access and monitor the production process even from a mobile and to get the right information at the right time to the right person.

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