One of the main challenges in companies, from micro-enterprise to multinational ones, is to increase productivity. This term means, according to the manuals, the ratio between the quantity of output and the weighted average of the inputs used in the production process. Improving production efficiency means reducing waste, minimizing production downtimes and constantly improving product quality.

Technology can provide a very important support on all these aspects, but the contribution of human resources is always fundamental. Electronic and IT tools, from sensors to Analytics software, allow you to better monitor what is happening in the company in real time. But there are also less known aspects. An example is the knowledge management. Let’s deepen on this last concept.

How to increase productivity

In a dematerialized and extremely competitive world, the access to information is crucial. A quick and simple availability to the necessary information (documents) at the right time can lead to significant increases in efficiency.

The information management may seem, at first glance, to be an issue that is not quantifiable, especially in view of the evaluation of ex-post benefits. However, a more in-depth analysis shows that building a good knowledge management strategy means speeding up problem solving and avoiding, where possible, the intervention of highly specialized or more expert figures, whether internal or external. (in the latter case, as they are not immediately available, significant efficiency drops may occur).


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Knowledge management: the importance of breaking down cultural barriers

To better manage information and knowledge in the company, especially within production processes, you need first of all to overcome cultural barriers. In the more traditional companies, in fact, it is not unusual that the knowledge is held by a few people and not shared with colleagues. The prospect of making all the company know-how structured and easy to consult can certainly represent an obstacle.

Nowadays, technology helps to overcome these obstacles, without disperse information and experiences in the company. It is important to try to overcome these barriers in the most natural way possible, relying on software simple to use, accessible from mobile and designed to manage knowledge, allowing us to deal with changes in a gradual, plannable and easy way.

The types of software referred to are the knowledge management systems. These allow to effectively distribute and move information inside the company: from information documents to guides and tutorials for troubleshooting, everything will be immediately available. One of the software that offers these possibilities is Keethings one, an American start-up entering the Italian market. In the next section we will discover its potential.

Keethings' contribution

At present, Keethings is a well-established business collaboration software with knowledge management that presents a series of extremely innovative features, rewarded for its functionality by important companies such as CISCO. The platform offers virtual workspaces, scalable and accessible from any figure involved in the process (operators, maintainers, production managers and even external consultants) and from any device.

On these virtual workspaces it is possible not only to exchange messages but also to share data, tutorials and guides, so that the people who need them can easily access all the informative materials. This is a fundamental point to improve cooperation, speeding up problem solving, avoiding downtime or errors during production and therefore increasing productivity.

The strong point is the ability of the platform to suggest the right material based on the problem the company is facing or the work is carrying out, without the operators having to waste precious time to look for information independently. Moreover, the documents present in the Keethings knowledge base are classified according to what has proved to be useful in solving a problem and, at the same time, the platform is able to select and propose those considered most effective.

But in addition to the knowledge management, Keethings gives an indispensable support thanks to other services, such as the Bots, or systems that allow to interact with machines and computer systems in natural language. Not to mention the support provided to workers, who are guided by personalized workflows in the performance of their tasks.

In short, this collaboration and execution platform will provide all operators with greater visibility into the production process and simplify the work process.

To conclude …

Have you ever wondered what are the factors that strongly affect the productivity of your production processes in addition to reduce raw material costs or to optimize the use of the plants? One aspect that often remains behind the scenes is a correct and efficient information management. This result becomes easier to achieve if you use the support of business collaboration software, such as the Keethings one, which allows you to easily collect and distribute the right information to speed up problem solving, improving cooperation and increasing efficiency.

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