The industrial plant is an extremely complex place, where a constant (and efficient) interaction between people, machines and computer systems is necessary to make the process more efficient and therefore be able to increase productivity.

To achieve this objective, we can rely on an Enterprise Collaboration and Execution platform, aimed at speeding up the communication between operating personnel, machinery and systems and simplifying the execution of the work.

Keethings is one of the most complete software programs in its category. Let's discover its operation together.


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What does the platform let you do?

With Keethings the information is spread instantly. When a problem is detected on a piece of machinery, the platform instantly notifies the personnel in charge, sending a specific Alert, complete with simultaneous information that helps the personnel to understand quickly what is happening and to decide quickly on how to act promptly. Operators and supervisors receive the Alerts on their devices which may be smartphones, tablets or PC.

This allows them to reduce the time necessary to resolve the malfunctions, positively impacting the downtime of the machines, the quantity of pieces produced, in addition to preventing possible more expensive breakdowns.

For example, if a parameter of a production line exceeds a certain set threshold, Keethings sends an Alert to the personnel in charge – in the image we see an example relative to the temperature – in the form of a KeeCard.





Therefore, both the operators and the supervisors, consistent with their roles, will be able to react and intervene in conformity with the severity of the situation. For example, if the problem is serious and could potentially damage a lot, the supervisor can immediately stop production thanks to the STOP button, which you can see on the right in the first image.

All the actions are registered in the platform, for analysis and auditing purposes. Keethings also allows you to view data updated in real time, to analyze the trends of each specific variable, such as temperature, to compare them with other variables in order to identify possible hidden relationships, to predict any behavior through the integration of predictive algorithms.


Keethings can guide the operator through the process of analyzing and resolving the problem. By selecting the CHECKLIST button, in fact, the platform indicates which are the controls and activities to perform to best identify the problem. Once the checklist is completed, it is being shared in the chat, so that all the team members, including the supervisors, are informed.


The important support of the knowledge base

Keethings is not only a system for spreading information but also has a Knowledge Base that supports the user during the Problem Resolution phase. The operator can ask the platform for help by clicking the HELP button. In response, Keethings provides a whole series of specific information for the problem in question (i.e. tutorials, guides, procedures).

The KeeCards provide access to documentation in various formats, for example operating instructions, videos or also tutorials based on augmented reality. Thanks to this tool, individuals can very quickly consult important information and as a result immediately identify, understand and resolve the problem appropriately.


Eventually, it is possible to evaluate the information used in order to rank the contents available. This evaluation will make it possible to identify the most useful contents for a given problem and to show them in the most appropriate sequence should the problem recur. In addition, the operator can easily share the results with other colleagues and ask for their help.

Keethings simplifies the way in which people, machines and systems work together, making it possible to increase productivity by digitizing the processes.

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