What factors should be considered before adopting a Collaboration platform in an industrial setting?

If you are reading this article, you are probably convinced by now of the importance of adding Collaboration software to a production factory.

20 Jun 19

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Instant messaging or enterprise collaboration platform: which to choose for an industrial factor?

Communication in a production environment plays a fundamental role: in many cases communicating effectively means being informed correctly and promptly, and it is therefore on this that the ability of the personnel depends to make quick and conscious decisions and act as a result.

18 Jun 19

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The platforms supporting the operational activities to enter Industry 4.0

There is a lot of talk about digitizing industrial plants, and even more about the fourth industrial revolution.

13 Jun 19

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The Keethings platform in action: this is how we simplify interactions in the industrial plant

The industrial plant is an extremely complex place, where a constant (and efficient) interaction between people, machines and computer systems is necessary to make the process more efficient and therefore be able to increase productivity.

10 Jun 19

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The importance of mobile devices in 4.0 Industry contexts

The use of smartphones and mobile devices, in general, has brought great changes to our daily life.

5 Jun 19

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How to improve internal communication in an industrial plant

Produce, produce, produce: in a factory optimizing production is the most important aspect.

28 May 19

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How to create, maintain and use knowledge base in an industrial setting

Knowledge is assuming an increasingly important role in daily life and even more in business.

24 May 19

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Why measure plant production indices: the example of the OEE

In a world where competition is global, measuring the productivity of a production plant is one of the main needs for manufacturing companies.

5 Mar 19

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The importance of the knowledge management to increase productivity: Keethings’ contribution

One of the main challenges in companies, from micro-enterprise to multinational ones, is to increase productivity.

1 Mar 19

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4 benefits of predictive maintenance for a plant's productivity

What does maintenance mean in the digital age? Today's industries require new and diversified skills in addition to being extremely complex in the different stages of the production process.

1 Mar 19

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How Keethings contributes to increase productivity

Increasing productivity is the challenge that all companies, small and large, face daily. In particular, in the industrial field, this means being able to reduce costs and optimize the performance of the plants, without affecting the quality of the finished product in the slightest.

27 Feb 19

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Production KPIs: which ones to use to monitor the performance improvement

There is no doubt that the improvement of business processes requires the application of the Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Without appropriate indicators, however, it is not possible to apply the PDCA and therefore to monitor whether or not there is an improvement.

20 Feb 19

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How enterprise collaboration and execution platforms increase plant productivity

Collaboration: one of the most difficult challenges in the workplace. To collaborate means to interact effectively with one's colleagues, respecting roles and responsibilities, to exchange all the necessary information in a timely way.

18 Feb 19

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5 ways how digital technologies increase the productivity of an industrial plant

To increase the productivity of an industrial plants is a challenging task. To face it, you must focus on innovation and speed.

15 Feb 19

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