Innovation that is good for companies and people

Innovation is put at the service of health with the platform for monitoring the cold chain of the medicines, the Cold Chain Platform, developed by Keethings in collaboration with other companies.
A system that guarantees, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, the accuracy and inalterability of data collected in the field and, thanks to the collaborative front end designed by Keethings, intuitive and immediate use and the presence of automatic alarms should the storage conditions of medicines (at certain temperatures) be at risk.
The Cold Chain Platform is a response to the call for innovation launched by Bi-Rex Competence Center and a demonstration of the ability of the most advanced technologies to bring high added value to all kinds of industries.

Innovation leaders, productivity leadership

In the era of significant innovations, where technology offers increasingly advanced tools,
it is perhaps necessary to ask what are the pillars of competitiveness and new productivity.
Technological tools change, but the corporate population’s mindset must evolve to acquire new
and better-operating patterns. In this process, one must consider the physiological resistance to change in the workforce,
which must be involved in the innovation processes.
Digital Workspaces are particularly suitable to support this process, thanks to their functionality,
and above all to their efficiency in enhancing the work of the individual and the team.

Increasing effectiveness or increasing efficiency?

Companies must bring effectiveness and efficiency into dialogue to achieve high-profile results and growth over time.
That is a process that requires sharing information and awareness of operations and the overall vision among the company’s people.
The right tools to make such a complex mechanism work are also indispensable: these tools are Digital Workspaces designed based on objectives that combine effectiveness and efficiency.

Those who innovate invest, those who do not innovate pay

Investment in innovation is declining. Yet that remains the main factor that can offer greater competitiveness
to companies of all sectors and sizes. That is particularly accompanied by a strong culture of change
and attention to human capital. In this sense, Digital Workspaces represent the most effective tool
and are suitable for ensuring greater productivity and skills development.

All citizens of a digital world are potential digital workers

Apps, digital tools, virtual environments: we use many connected tools for utility or leisure in everyday life.
They make our lives richer and more accessible. So we are ready to change our approach to work, becoming more digital
and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by tools such as Digital Workspaces.