Keethings Exception Management: release of a new vertical solution.

We recently released a new vertical solution, “Keethings Exception Management”. Lean methodologies help in streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

But…how efficient is your reaction to the unexpected? Shop floor operations are as efficient as the capability of your staff to adapt to changes and unexpected events that affect the standard golden processes. Whenever an event occurs, performance is put at risk and so much time is spent to detect the problem, involve the right people to troubleshoot the issue and collect the required data to support the management in taking informed decisions on how to proceed.

Keethings enhances your capability to react promptly to the unexpected: whenever an issue occurs, you can contact your Virtual Assistant to report the event and get a virtual collaborative space with the right SMEs to discuss necessary actions to be taken and agree on decisions to be made. You can use the task management module to assign tasks, owners and due date and speed up the resolution time of the unexpected.

Keethings allows you to manage the process in a structured way, keep track of issues & resolutions and identify possible preventive actions to avoid the problem from happening again in the future


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