Maintenance Management

  • Create and fill in tickets, execute the root cause analysis (5 Whys, 4 M) and consult the existing case histories.
  • Assign the ticket and follow up on resolution or escalation.
  • Enrich your knowledge base and speed up problem resolution.

Maintenance management is the process of taking care of company’s assets and resources. The purpose is to ensure that production proceeds efficiently and downtimes are drastically reduced, if not prevented at all.

Maintenance management is one of those aspects of managing a company that is usually not explored in depth.

With Keethings we offer a wide set of features to optimize maintenance within plants. You can call for support, assign a resource, consult the existing case histories, follow up on resolution or escalations and enrich your knowledge base in an iterative process developed to raise your standards and pursue the continuous improvement concept key to sustained efficient operations over time.


Increase productivity of maintenance

up to 24%


Decrease equipment downtime

up to 20%


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