Paper Form Digitalization

  • Create checklists to simplify the execution and control of operating procedures.
  • Reduce errors and make information immediately available to everyone.
  • Convert all your paper forms in order to simplify and speed up data collection from the field.

Paper is still widely used within many manufacturing processes and plants. Many companies have digitized their main processes but paper is still there “on the last mile”, where operators work and where activities are done.

Paper means no data & process tracking, no data-driven decision making and inefficient processes.

With Keethings we promote the digital transformation of companies, cutting paper and increasing efficiency. Go digital and manage structured information anywhere, at any time. Use our Digital Forms to consult or capture contents from the field through checklists, free text, audios, images or videos.


Increase productivity

up to 18%


Reduce errors

up to 58%


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