The problem

The division responsible for manufacturing and packaging wanted to reduce production lead times without causing any negative impact on product quality.

The challenge lied in the ability to immediately solve any malfunction or problem in the production process. The company invested in the digitization of various manufacturing processes, but what was missing real-time information on machines' operational states to act promptly. With that information, the company also wanted to reduce issue analysis and resolution times by supporting the operator to evaluate and resolve problems.

The solution

Thanks to Keethings, operators can check the status of production lines wherever they are and receive alarms and alerts in real time. Keethings allows operators to focus only on critical alarms by filtering and reporting those that require a response. Descriptions, resolution suggestions, severity levels and other data are associated with each alarm. In the virtual workspace, users can easily communicate and share this information with all personnel. All actions taken are recorded, feeding a knowledge base that will identify inaccuracies or inefficiencies in operating procedures, along with best practices for the management of each problem.


The result

The benefits of using Keethings are numerous.First, Keethings helps optimize the production process by providing rapid resolutions to problems. Staff is more effective and engaged, and all information is available and shareable at all levels, from anywhere. This makes decision-making faster and more effective, while significantly reducing downtime.

The platform also fosters better staff satisfaction and efficiency: with Keethings, operators are no longer stuck in front of a single machine and can more effectively manage activities and control multiple systems at the same time.

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