The Keethings workflow management system allows you to design the process and guide you through the progress of your activities. Task organization, activity tracking, reporting, triggers, approval cycles, and escalation.


KeeCards are incredibly flexible templates. Thanks to them you can collect and share live feeds from a machine, data from sensors or software applications (ERP, MES, Historian, etc.) but also video tutorials, checklists or documents.

Knowledge base

The operational staff's experience is invaluable, but it often remains uncollected or not shared within the team. Thanks to Keethings it is much easier to collect on-site feedback and make it available when needed along with tutorials, guides, and manuals.

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Virtual workspace

The platform consists of multi-user virtual workplaces through which it is possible to monitor and manage the entire process while sharing data and signals from the systems. Also, thanks to the log registration, everything will be archived and historicized.

Natural language interface

Keethings changes the paradigm of interaction between people and technology: it is no longer the user who has to learn and use the native interfaces and software systems of the machines. The machines themselves will dialog with the user through interaction in a natural language.

Mobile-friendly platforms

All the features Keethings presents are usable from any device, both fixed and mobile. This allows an increase in staff agility and reactivity, improving productivity and satisfaction.

Roles and responsibilities

Productivity increases if task assignments take place effectively. Each user has his own profile with roles, skills, and responsibilities that allow him to automatically engage in a conversation, receive alarms and special notifications, or approve operations.

Integration with other software

Keethings integrates very easily with any type of software application: from management systems (ERP, MES, LIMS) to IOT platforms. It can also power any analytical tools already used by the customer.

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The security standards offered by the platform are very high and guarantee the security of the entire technological infrastructure. All data will remain protected within the company's information systems, accessible only by authorized personnel.



Thanks to the Bots, Keethings connects with the plant's systems, both hardware and software, to perform actions or extract information that can be propagated within the organization of processes. The result? Proactivity at every event and automation of repetitive tasks.

Single UI

A unique and integrated interface from which you can manage all your activities: communicate and collaborate with colleagues, interact with systems and applications, consult information and perform actions.

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