Configure workflows to make fast, automated decisions based on data from systems, machines, and your workforce. Optimize operation lead times and reduce costs by making precise, relevant data available to every employee involved. Set up tasks, activity tracking, reporting, triggers, approvals, and escalations.


KeeCards are incredibly flexible templates that collect and share live feeds from machines, sensors and application data (ERP, MES, Historian, etc.), as well as video tutorials, checklists, and documents.

Knowledge base

Workforce experience is invaluable, but not often shared within teams. Keethings makes employee expertise and company knowledge readily available through tutorials, guides, and manuals.

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Virtual workspaces

A virtual workspace connects the people, machines, and applications that contribute to a business process. With them, you can monitor and manage processes while sharing system data and signals. Information and data shared in workspaces are archived and audit trailed for future analysis.

Natural language interface

Keethings changes the paradigm of human-machine interactions: it’s no longer the user that needs to learn and adapt to the UIs of applications and machines. Keethings transforms every company asset into a “talking object”, simplifying interactions between complex processes and machine data.

Mobile-friendly platforms

All features are accessible from any device. Keethings is designed to be fully mobile: this improves staff agility and reactivity, productivity and user satisfaction.

Roles and responsibilities

Productivity increases when tasks are assigned to the right employees. Users have their own profiles with roles, skills and responsibilities, letting them automatically start conversations, manage approvals, and receive alarms and notifications.

Integration with other software

Keethings easily integrates with any type of software application: from enterprise systems (ERP, MES, LIMS) to IoT platforms. It can be connected to any analytics tool already in use.

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Keethings is based on a modern technology stack that provides agility, performance, reliability, availability, and a level of information security and privacy that meets our customers’ most stringent requirements. Data remains protected by companies’ information systems, accessible only by authorized personnel.



Thanks to Bots, Keethings connects with the plant's systems, hardware and machines, performing actions and extracting information that can be propagated within the organization. The result? Automation of repetitive tasks and reactivity at every level.

Single UI

A unique and integrated user interface where you can manage all your activities: communicate and collaborate with colleagues, interact with systems and applications, consult information and take actions.

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