Choose Keethings to optimize production processes

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

One leading pharmaceutical company chose Keethings to optimize its production processes and reduce costs caused by human error, unplanned downtime and loss. This involved workflow digitization, increased visibility, reduced troubleshooting times and much more.

Choose Keethings for organization intelligence


One leading consumer goods company chose Keethings to increase visibility on their production lines. They can now monitor KPIs in real time, plan more effective production, quickly respond to unplanned events, and provide the right information to every role in the organization.



Pharmaceutical production
Choose Keethings to accelerate problem-solving

If a problem or halt in production occurs, teams can be alerted immediately and communicate faster through Keethings. With virtual workspaces, all team members can contribute. System data, messages, documents and images can be shared.

Improve the use of machinery and testing quality

Remotely control machine states with Bots. Access test schedules, materials checklists, SOPs and procedures. Automate processes with the workflow module to share test results in real time with the entire workforce.

Electronics production
Keep operators up-to-date with all the relevant information

Operators need relevant information to work effectively on production lines. KeeCards are the best tools for distributing and sharing fundamental production data and procedures. Improve process visibility to increase quality and yield.

Supply Chain
Accelerate communication at all organizational levels

Operational and executive personnel can use virtual workspaces to solve their most complex problems. Even if teams are spread over several plants, areas, or even countries, everyone can get involved and informed about decisions and events, even past ones. Faster communication leads to faster decisions.

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)
Share important information for effective maintenance

Details are the core of maintenance processes. Keethings uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically trigger workflows and activate processes, engaging all relevant operators.

Discrete production
Never lose information again

Operators can access all information collected over previous shifts from their mobile device or workstation. They’re informed about what happened and what needs to be done through conversations, machine data, actions taken and activities to be completed. With Keethings, transferring information from one shift to the next is simple, fast and secure.

Reduce nonvalue-added activities

Keethings improves performance by simplifying production activities and connecting people with processes.Our platform supports operators throughout production, improving quality and reducing nonvalue-added activities with real-time information management.

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