Keethings to optimize production

Pharmaceutical sector

A leading company in the pharmaceutical field chose Keethings to optimize its production processes and reduce costs caused by malfunctions. Digitization of workflows, increased visibility, reduced troubleshooting time and many other features.

Keethings for organization intelligence

Healthcare sector

A leading consumer goods company chose Keethings to increase visibility on its own production lines. Monitoring of KPIs, the organization of production and rapid response to the information needs of all company roles.



Pharmaceutical production
Keethings to accelerate problem-solving

If there is a problem or a halt in production, teams can be alerted immediately and communicate faster through Keethings. By creating virtual workstations, all team members can help solve problems. Messages, data from systems, documents and images can be sent to the sharing spaces.

Improve the use of machinery and quality in testing

Remotely control the state of the machines with the use of Bots. View test schedules, the checklist of materials to be used or a video tutorial. Take advantage of the automated workflow management to share test results in real time with the entire lab work team.

Electronics production
Keep operators up-to-date with all the necessary information

Operators need a lot of information to carry out the production line. KeeCards are the best tool for distributing and sharing fundamental data and procedures in production. Improve the visibility of the process to improve your products.

Supply Chain
Accelerate communication between different private workplaces

Operational staff and executives can use virtual workspaces to solve the most complex problems. Even if the teams are spread over several plants, regions or even countries, everyone can get involved and be informed about decisions and events, even past ones. A faster communication leads to a much faster decision-making process.

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)
Share all the necessary details for an effective maintenance

Details are at the core of maintenance processes. Keethings can power machine learning and predictive analytics systems. The outputs of these systems can automatically trigger workflows that activate the process and involve all the necessary operators.

Discrete production
Do not let information get lost

Operators will be able to have access from their own devices, fixed or mobile, to all the information collected in the previous shifts. Thus being immediately informed about what has happened and what needs to be done: the operators will find conversations, machine data, actions taken and activities to be completed. With Keethings, transferring information from a shift to the next will be simple, immediate and without the risk of forgetfulness.

Reduce low added value activities

Keethings can improve workstation performance by simplifying production activities and connecting people with the processes. The platform will reduce the difficulties encountered by operators during their activities, guaranteeing the quality of the cars produced and, thanks to real-time information management, activities with low added value will decrease.

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