How to streamline processes:

Keethings allow people to interact with systems in natural language through a conversational interface.

With Keethings we started from the field observation: the factory operating staff works in a very complex scenario, we wanted to simplify the User eXperience (UX) of operators executing operational processes, putting the person at the center, enabling him to work better, smoother, faster, achieving higher performance and significantly reduce errors. In Keethings we believe that a well-defined UX shouldn’t be limited to systems user interface but should also include a lean process flow.

Keethings approach is totally different, subverting a consolidated paradigm: usually people have to learn how to use SW and HW systems. Keethings reverses the approach, allowing people to interact with systems in natural language through a conversational interface that allows and improves human-machine collaboration.

The characterizing element of our platform is the Digital Coworker, able to help people acting as virtual assistant or digital twin. The Digital Coworker supports people in recurring activities and prevents errors (60% of the problems in the factories are, still today, caused by human error).

We can turn to it in an extremely simple way, using natural language, to interact with machines and software systems, to be guided in the problem resolution or in the execution of an activity and to be warned in case of critical situations.

In addition, our virtual assistant can remind us of deadlines, filter the information of our interest and actually important, perform repetitive tasks, trigger processes when certain events occur, and identify the right people to involve.

Benefits coming from a lean UX in company processes are impressive!


Downtime reduction

up to 15%


Training reduction

up to 30%


Productivity boost

up to 18%


Cost saving

up to 12%


Errors reduction

up to 58%

This is a real shift in paradigm, able to literally boost your company’s processes.