Keethings' origin

Keethings was founded in 2015 by Giovanni Raffaele Gargiulo, a manager with more than 35 years of experience in the field of technological solutions for the industrial sector. The company immediately sparked the interest of several VCs and private investors in both the United States and Europe (Plug & Play Venture Group, LLC and Gatewest Capital, Ltd.), supporting its launch and growth. Today, it’s marketed toward European and American companies, with offices in California and Rome. 

During 2018’s DigithON, Keethings won the Cisco award. The multinational conglomerate has given us integration mentorship with its own solutions and a joint go-to-market, thus validating the efficacy of Keethings’ technology and vision.

Our vision

Keethings is a solution designed to simplify and improve interactions between people, machines, applications, processes and data within industrial contexts.Keethings wants to bridge the gap between people and technology by simplifying and improving processes, combining the ease of a conversational interface with the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


What Keethings can do for you

Keethings offers virtual workspaces where human-machine interactions are incredibly simplified. The platform uses state-of-the-art technology to improve collaboration, accelerate decision-making and optimize processes. Using Keethings means optimizing workflow management while also improving employee satisfaction.

Our partners

A network of specialized partners, with highly technical skills and solid experience in the industrial sector, is able to support our customers over the various phases of their projects - from the identification of improvement areas to platform personalization. The support of our partners helps our customers reap all the platform’s benefits in terms of efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

On the other hand, system integrators, software companies and industrial equipment manufacturers can set themselves apart from the competition and generate new opportunities by adopting our unique, cutting-edge technology.

Contact us

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