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Digital workspace for Industry 4.0

Keethings is a collaborative digital workspace for the manufacturing industry that simplifies the way people perform their activities within a production site.

It is a unique, simple and intuitive interface that allows users to interact by communicating with software and hardware, allowing them to make decisions and act in real time on the machines themselves.

Keethings optimizes production processes, reduces errors, improves performance by increasing ROI.

Thanks to the Virtual Assistant, each user is guided and supported in all steps by relying on the database of the experiences and available information (knowledge-base company).

Much more than just virtual workspaces, workspaces can be enriched  with:

  • Bots, which allow you to easily interact with machines and applications and automate tasks;
  • KeeCards, containers of personalized information based on the user and the context, which make it possible to enrich the information coming from machines and applications and make them immediately usable;
  • Workflows, that guide and support the user in the operational activities and allow to best orchestrate the production processes.


Analysing data
Increased productivity

Data collection from the field, information sharing in real-time from anywhere, operations optimization, integrated alert and trigger systems, more efficient workload management and decision-making.

All these features in one platform, designed to speed up a plant’s operations. Thanks to real-time information and workflow management, Keethings eliminates bottlenecks and improves performance.

Simplify interactions

Production involves various stakeholders: operators, machines and applications. Interactions between them are continuous and often complex.

With Keethings, you can interact with systems using natural language, receive alerts and notifications in real time, collect on-site data and share information with all relevant resources thanks to KeeCards. This technology simplifies and speeds up interactions with machines and applications.

Handle errors

Operators can access all relevant resources to properly handle business processes, such as data processing, procedures, documents, tutorials, and trainings. They can collaborate with colleagues and specialists by sharing information in real time, no matter where they are.

Managing production with Keethings means always having all the necessary information on hand: it’s the most effective way to reduce errors.

How does Keethings work?


Built for manufacturing companies, Keethings was created with the aim of simplifying human-machine interaction, speeding up activities and decision-making and reducing errors at all stages of the process.

Keethings provides virtual workplaces where people can communicate and collaborate in an extremely simple and agile way with each other and with the machines and applications involved in the activity.

Scalable spaces, where you can involve the most appropriate resources according to the context and share information, skills and experiences.

Why should I use Keethings?

Solve recurring issues faster

Understand processes, interact with systems, solve problems.

Streamline processes and increase workforce efficiency

A simplified user interface enabling collaboration and the sharing of employee expertise.

Digitize your plant

Transform assets in a “talking object”, simplify interactions, and automate decision-making.

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