The collaboration between users, machines and software systems

Keethings is a conversational platform for the manufacturing industry that provides essential support to operational staff in production contexts. People can communicate, collaborate, and perform their activities inside virtual workspaces in which they can share information, data, and experiences that feed the company's knowledge base.

But there’s much more to it. Workspaces can be enriched with:

  • Bots, which allow you to interact very easily with machines and applications while also letting you automate some activities;
  • KeeCards, which are containers of information, personalized according to the user and context. They allow you to enrich and broaden information coming from machines and systems, making them immediately usable;
  • Workflows that guide and support the user in operational activities, allowing an efficient management of the production processes.


Increased productivity

Data collection on the spot and information sharing in real time and on the go, optimization of operational processes, more efficient work organization and decision-making, integrated alerting and triggering systems.

An all in one platform designed to speed up the operational processes inside the plant. Thanks to the immediate availability of information and the management of workflows, it will be possible to eliminate congestions and improve performance.

Simplification of interactions

In a production process, the elements involved are various: operators, machines and applications. The interactions between them are continuous and often complex.

With Keethings you can interact with the systems through natural language, receive alerts and notifications in real time, collect on-site data and share information with all of the involved resources thanks to the KeeCards. This technology was created to simplify and speed up interactions with machines and applications.

Error handling

Operators can access all of the process data as well as procedures, documents, tutorials, and training, which are all useful for managing activities. They can involve colleagues and specialists by sharing information in real time, regardless of where they are.

Managing production processes with Keethings translates to having all the necessary information always on hand: the most effective way to reduce errors.

How does Keethings work?


The platform is aimed towards manufacturing companies and has been created with the goal of simplifying man-machine interaction, accelerating decision-making and reducing errors at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Keethings provides virtual workplaces where people can communicate and collaborate in an extremely simple and agile manner among themselves, the machines, and applications involved in the various processes. These are scalable spaces, where every member of the company can be engaged at the right time. Furthermore, these spaces help by growing and feeding the company’s knowledge base.

The platform also offers the possibility to insert “KeeCards”. These are templates for collecting and sharing any type of data: live feeds coming from machines, data from sensors, extracts from applications and much more.

Information, experience, data in real time: with Keethings everything is available easily and rapidly through a simple and integrated interface that allows a substantial increase in productivity. The platform also adds a workflow component that allows you to optimize operational processes.

Our clients' feedback

Pharmacological sector

The manufacturing division had to reduce production and packaging times without sacrificing top quality production.

The challenge that Keethings accepted and won consisted in reducing the time to solve problems that occur on production lines, such as making all the alarm signals from the machines and all the information useful to solve the problem available in real time and in mobility, thus allowing better communication and collaboration between the personnel involved at all levels of the process.


Why should I use Keethings?

Greater speed in problem-solving

Know the process, interact with the systems, solve the problems.

Increase in efficiency of staff and processes

Thanks to Keethings, working is simple and more productive.

Digitilization of the plant

The process is fluid, efficient, and digital. Take a Bot's word for it.

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