Harness the power of a flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use platform
Harness the power of a flexible,
comprehensive and easy-to-use platform

Keethings Digital Workspace improves the performance of the workforce by digitizing operational processes and providing constant and effective support in daily activities. It is based on an extremely high-performance modular platform, which ensures seamless integration with the software in use in the company, an evolved user management based on roles and skills, and the highest security standards. Keethings can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones and has an integrated virtual assistant: a real Digital Coworker for a guided and intuitive interaction.

With the Keethings Digital Workspace you have as many features for as many benefits.


Easy access to every function thanks to Smarty, the virtual assistant that supports users in their daily activities

Smarty is our Digital Coworker: it provides an extremely simple and intuitive natural language interface, which allows you to fluidify and simplify interactions with equipment and software systems. It has been designed to make the use of the Keethings Digital Workspace even more immediate and effective, breaking down all barriers between users, software and machines.

Smarty is a real virtual assistant always ready to support you in your operations.

  • Increases performance, encouraging the sharing of expertise and corporate knowledge.
  • Guides the workforce in carrying out its activities, selecting the most relevant information and resources to be involved.
  • Supports operators, technicians and managers in daily and recurring activities, speeding up workflows and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Sends reminders for pending tasks and promptly notifies alarms and potentially critical situations.

Enhance communication and collaboration with Chat

Keethings’ unique and simple conversational interface creates a new paradigm of interaction between people, machines and software, allowing you to monitor your operational processes and manage all your activities in virtual workspaces where you can involve the necessary resources.

With the Chat module, you will be able to create virtual rooms where you can collect information related to events and assets, share it with the resources that can contribute to the management of the event and the resolution of the problem, collaborate to quickly decide how to intervene and activate the resulting operational actions, sharing data, information and decisions in real time and in a structured way.


Speed up processes and reduce errors by using Workflow

Our workflows allow you to model processes and automate some or all of the process steps, assign a task and create a chat, initiate approval and escalation cycles, request a form to be filled out, and run a checklist.

With the Workflow module, you’ll be able to design processes that will allow you to guide your workforce in carrying out daily tasks, reducing errors and improving efficiency. You’ll provide the right information to the right user and trigger actions when certain events occur or when specific thresholds are reached. In this way, you’ll reduce the time it takes to distribute information and manage tasks, making your workforce even more efficient.


Improve problem solving capability with Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge base is designed to improve the problem solving ability of operations staff and their responsiveness to recurring issues, thereby reducing problem resolution time through better sharing and faster access to company experience and expertise.

With the Knowledge Base module, you will be able to collect the field experiences and skills of your operational staff and then make them easily reusable, when and where needed, together with all available company documentation such as tutorials, procedures and manuals. In this way, you will have a complete and easily searchable archive that can be used as a support in carrying out your activities.


Increase operational efficiency with Digital Form

Keethings’ digital forms are the most effective way to significantly reduce your company’s environmental footprint while improving efficiency, because they introduce paperless processes and simplify data capture from the field by automating data entry where possible and using speech-to-text technologies that allow you to use your voice to fill out forms.

With the Digital Form module, you can improve the efficiency of your workforce, the quality of the information collected, the monitoring of processes and the speed of distribution and sharing of information within the company. Our Digital Forms will allow you to digitize your processes, create your forms and manage structured information quickly and easily, even on the move.


Organize operational tasks with Task Manager

Keethings’ task manager is the organization and planning tool that allows you to optimize the work of your team, without ever losing focus and control over the tasks and the deadlines.

With the Task Manager module, you’ll be able to plan and assign tasks to your employees and, when necessary, involve colleagues from other departments. You’ll always have control over the allocation of your resources and you’ll always be updated about any delays or blocked tasks. Each user will be able to manage assigned tasks and complete open tasks, adding and sharing comments and details, even in multimedia format, and receiving reminders for tasks that are due.


Guide users through their activities with Checklist

Keethings’ checklists represent a highly efficient monitoring tool that ensures real-time management and control of business activities, allowing you to easily create digital checklists and guide the workforce step by step in the performance of their activities, providing all the useful information to be able to better manage the process.

With the Checklist module, you can manage the process of creating and approving check forms from a single point, add photos and videos to guide operators, associate templates with your assets, set up scheduling, and track execution with specific dashboards, reminders, and notifications when exceptions occur. With such an advanced tool, it’s easy to reduce errors, speed up processes and increase safety.


Improve workforce responsiveness with Notifications & Alerts

Keethings’ notification center plays an important role: it allows to set alarms on critical parameters, reminders on assigned activities and, in case of exceeding the pre-set takeover and management times, to activate the appropriate escalation procedures in order to allow a constant and punctual monitoring of activities and a quick intervention in case of delays. Alerts will be propagated in real time and in mobility to the most appropriate resources, who will be able to intervene promptly to solve the problem.

With the Notifications & Alerts module, you can improve the control of your assets and the responsiveness of your workforce and the time it takes to take charge and execute each task.


Keep track of performance with Analytics

Keethings’ analytics are designed to enable comprehensive and strategic monitoring of data and processes, and allow integration of data and analytics with information from external sources.

With the Analytics module you can visualize and analyze your operational data in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to dynamic and customizable dashboards, and share the analysis with your colleagues in different formats. You can also request your performance indicators from our virtual assistant Smarty and consult them directly from the chat, and receive notifications on your cell phone if the values of your KPIs exceed the predefined thresholds.

Keethings technology


Maximum integration capability

Thanks to a wide set of APIs and a modular and flexible architecture, Keethings can be easily integrated with the software platforms used by companies, whether they are management systems (ERP, MES, CMMS, …), IOT platforms or custom systems. It is also able to interface with numerous types of equipment, machines and sensors. The availability of an SDK for the most popular programming languages makes it even easier and faster to develop integrations with external solutions.


Guarantee of maximum security

Security is fundamental, so we apply all the best practices necessary to make our solution and our customers’ data absolutely secure. Through security-by-design and privacy-by-design we take into account security at every stage of the process following OWASP guidelines for vulnerability prevention, thus reducing the risk of data breach.


Delivery On Cloud and On Premises

Keethings adapts extremely flexibly to customers’ architectural choices: it can be hosted both in the Cloud and On Premises, and also allows for the creation of hybrid configurations.


Advanced user management

You can access Keethings in a fast and secure way using your company credentials. The platform is able to support every type of user: from managers to specialized technicians to operators, and allows to assign to each one a profile consistent with his role and responsibilities, thus ensuring a safe and profiled access to data and functions.

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You’ll get a first-hand look at Keethings’ functionality and discover how our Digital Workspace can make your business more efficient.