Our new website: a valuable tool for customers (and visitors)


Websites. Once there were none, today we could not do without them.

We visit dozens of them every week, sometimes simply by landing on the homepage and sometimes by scrolling through several pages or browsing the menu in search of the page we are interested in. 

But what is a website? Above all, what is and what should a company website be?

Some time ago, we asked ourselves this question. And, having identified a series of answers, we compared them with our website, that of Keethings, which has been online for a few years. The result? Simple: we decided to renew our website.

Here is the new Keethings website. A new website, in form and concept.

Designed as a tool to benefit our users from the very first visit. A tool for efficiency, collaboration and productivity. An immediate and intuitive tool, more difficult to explain than to use. Above all, it is a tool for in-depth analysis and reflection on today’s solutions, on the needs, challenges and opportunities that companies, both industrial and non-industrial, encounter.

A blog that is almost a magazine.

At the heart of our website is our blog, conceived almost like a magazine: with content related to our fields of expertise, such as the advantages of digital workspaces, digital solutions for businesses, productivity in the modern era, and digital transformation. 

With our articles, we hope to bring users more than just a better understanding of our ideas and points of view: we want to offer food for thought on topics that affect our profession and the choices we are led to make today: what tools to adopt to improve efficiency and quality of work, how are companies moving around the world, what is the meaning of the word ‘evolution’ applied to manufacturing companies in recent years? Yes, our first objective is to inform, but more than that, it is to raise questions. Because it is the questions that drive us to improve.

In this way, our users can visit our website more than once, knowing that they will always find something new: a programme of publications that are already valuable, supportive, stimulating.

Of course: not only questions, but also answers. A website must offer answers, especially to those who come to it as a result of a need or in search of a solution.

Offering information, guaranteeing answers.

Our new website does that too, it is informative, of course: all the content about our company, our platform and the solutions we offer has been revised, reorganised and enriched, to make it easy and immediate to identify the topic of interest.

We have therefore dedicated a page to our platform, describing it through the advantages it offers. You can visit it by clicking here.

We have given the visitor the freedom to scroll quickly through the page, acquiring a general overview of the features of Keethings, or to go through it point by point, understanding in depth the specific benefits that such a choice can bring to your company.

Identifyng Solutions, Collecting Benefits.

But freedom means allowing you to walk a path from beginning to end or, if you prefer, from the end to the beginning: for this reason, we have created a “Solutions” page (you can visit it now by clicking here), which allows you, again in a simple way and with an agile and organised structure, to identify the areas in which our platform operates.

Scrolling down this page, all the main fields of application of Keethings, such as Maintenance Management or Advanced Collaboration, are presented to the user’s eyes. For each point, you can learn more about the dedicated functionalities of the platform and discover, thanks to the consultation of the Use Cases, how other companies have improved their processes or productivity using the Keethings platform.

A Website Creates Contact And Dialogue.

A further tool for the benefit of our users is the many parts of the website dedicated to interaction: the contact and information forms, but also the newsletter, the possibility of requesting a demo or a targeted consultation. Interaction is where the real solutions come from: dialogue brings together question and answer, specific needs and customised solutions. This is why we have designed our new website not just as a window on our solutions, but as a digital space in which you can move around, browse, immediately identify the object of your search, gather information, keep up to date and, indeed, interact. 

We often say that our goal is to offer customers real value. We wanted to be able to say that with our website.

A site that is as versatile and comprehensive as our workspace.

We hope to host you on these pages often.

Enjoy your visit.


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