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Industry 4.0: benefits and greatest challenges.

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, complexity in factories is constantly increasing and operators have less and less time to adapt to the fast changes taking place. Various and complex software systems to learn and deal with, processes digitized only partially and loads of information from several streams of work are often sources of delays, inefficiencies and errors.

Break barriers between users, systems and machine is crucial. To date, when an issue occurs there is no single point of access to relevant information and this has an impact on reaction and resolution time . Furthermore, how do you ensure that employees’ experience and expertise is collected, stored, updated and made available to solve problems faster and without spending more resources than necessary ?

Imagine informed decisions made quickly with the aid of historical data and visual presentation.

Imagine operators and technicians getting real time answers to open questions.

Imagine all the company knowledge finally at hand and ready to provide value.

It is possible through Smarty. Our Digital Coworker is the virtual assistant that simplifies the way people, systems and processes work together, helping the staff in managing daily activities, both anticipating their needs and providing the right solutions.

Smarty is the one you can talk to easily, with natural language , to interact with machines and software, gets guidance on problems solving and act on your behalf for the execution of repetitive activities.

Smarty allows you to manage the processes in a structured way and identify possible preventive actions to avoid the problem from happening again in the future.

Wouldn’t you give it a try?

Keethings offers a solution to digitize processes and redesigning the user experience in manufacturing operations while reducing errors and downtime up to 20%.

Do you also face recurring problems? We let your company be more productive providing a tool to gather experiences and knowledge from the field, share them and make them usable in an extremely simple and fast way. Our solutions are created to prevent errors, rejects or delays on the line and to build processes aimed at continuous improvement .

  • Use our Digital Forms to digitize processes and capture content through checklist, free text, audios, images or videos.
  • Use our Knowledge Base to store information, procedures, manuals and tickets.
  • Use Smarty to retrive the information quickly and easily whenever you need.

Go Digital and manage structured information anywhere, at any time.

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

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