Virtual Assistant: welcome to the Future of Factories


A recent outlook by Gartner ( Hype Cycle for Manufacturing Operations Strategy ) states that

Connected workers are capable of using various digital tools and data management techniques to improve and integrate their interactions with both physical and virtual surroundings. They are able to make faster and better decisions that enable and optimize a process or set of processes that they participate in.

This is the scenario where smart factories (should) go. But… what about the state of the art?

In factories there is a strong need for simplification and to make people more productive and focused on their “core” activities. Often operators have to use various systems to carry out their tasks and this causes delays and inefficiencies, at best, and leads to errors, at worst.

When an issue occurs, this information doesn’t reach the right recipient quickly and this has an impact on reaction and resolution time. Furthermore, very often issues are recurring but there isn’t a structured and simple way to collect the employees’ experience and share the company knowledge to solve them faster and without spending more resources than necessary.

Keethings offers a solution capable of improving company processes through the “Digital Coworker”.

Digital Coworker is the core of Keethings platform, able to help people as a sort of clone , virtual assistant, digital twin . The Digital Coworker supports people in recurring activities and prevents errors (60% of the problems in the factories are, still today, caused by human error).

We can turn to him in an extremely simple way, using natural language , to interact with machines and software systems, to be guided in the resolution of a problem or in the execution of an activity and to be warned in case of critical situations.

In addition, our virtual assistant can remind us of deadlines, filter the information of our interest and actually important, perform repetitive tasks, trigger processes when certain events occur, identify the right people to involve.

The Digital Coworker is the interface to the factory systems , the bridge towards colleagues and experts to collaborate with and the magnifying glass to see what is happening in the plant.

The Future is there. With Keethings we just anticipated it.

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