Autonomous Maintenance


Focus Your Technicians on High Value Activities with Keethings.

Do you know that complexity is a critical factor of inefficiency in many industrial settings?

Complexity management in factories is a common challenge.

There is a strong need for simplification and to make people more productive and focused on their “core” activities.

In particular, technicians time is often consumed by low value-added routine tasks and it gets hard to implement steep step changes in performances. How to cope with it?

Autonomous maintenance is the answer given by the total productive maintenance (TPM) strategy.

Autonomous maintenance

Let’s start from a definition: autonomous maintenance is defined as a maintenance strategy where machine operators continuously monitor their equipment, make adjustments and perform minor maintenance tasks on their machines.

Autonomous maintenance is the core pillar in the Total productive maintenance strategy .

To implement this paradigm you need to run 7 fundamental steps:

  1. Initial cleaning
  2. Elimination of pollution sources and difficult access areas
  3. Realization of provisional cleaning, inspection, and greasing standards
  4. Improving the operator’s technical skills
  5. Autonomous Inspection to the Equipment
  6. Procedures, standards, and work rules
  7. Autonomous Equipment Management

Training workers is mandatory to let them be prepared to face any problems and, somehow, “anticipate” them.


But… how could you keep a trained staff when the new generation workers turnover is as high as 21% in a year (according to Gallup report in the resources below)? The need to shorten the new workers onboarding time has never been so urgent. Company knowledge must be captured and made easily accessible to personnel whenever needed.


Discover how Keethings with its simple user interface and knowledge base module can help you sustain your autonomous maintenance strategy and boost your OEE . Retain your knowledge and make it accessible to decrease operators’ onboarding time and relieve skilled technicians.

Keethings offers a solution capable of improving company processes through the “Digital Coworker”: the virtual assistant that simplifies workforce activities, reducing errors and improving the efficiency of operational processes . It helps operating staff in managing daily activities, both anticipating their needs and guiding them through the activities to be carried out: with customized workflows, contextual information, reminder and alerts in case of critical situations.

The Digital Coworker is the interface to the factory systems, the bridge towards colleagues and experts to collaborate with and the magnifying glass to see what is happening in the plant, filtering the information that is actually useful.

Keethings redesigns the User Experience in Manufacturing Operations.

With a simple and single User interface, our Digital Coworker provides:

  • Guidance through digital ecosystems
  • Intelligence in delivering information
  • Access to company knowledge

Keethings is the right way to step into autonomous maintenance.

Keethings increases efficiency by providing contextual information to operators to perform minor maintenance tasks and relievies skilled maintenance staff from simple, mundane maintenance tasks, so that they can focus on higher value added activities with the ultimate goal to enhance your organization’s overall equipment effectiveness by increasing your critical assets availability.

Contact us to find out what Keethings can do for your business.

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