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If you don’t see any further improvements in your team’s operations, this post is not for you.

Let’s see together how increase efficiency of your cross functional teams.

Every company is a complex entity, all the production processes involve cross functional teams : a group of people with different skills, roles and responsibilities working together as the crew of a boat does, toward a common goal improve plant efficiency and productivity .

In order to make the team working well, the involved resources should have all the necessary information and should operate in a synchronized way, as the rowers of a boat do.

However, we all know this is not what always happens and there may be some obstacles which limit our workforce efficiency: such as not digitized processes, a widespread use of paper, working on complex interfaces, delays in propagation and sharing of information.

It is necessary to have tools to simplify and if possible, to automate the collection of information from the field (in digital format), to reduce time and data entry errors, to make it immediately available to everyone facilitating in such way the collaboration among groups .

Keethings meets these needs with a modular and flexible platform, which reduces errors, downtime and execution times, thus allowing to produce more, better and with lower costs.

Keethings simplifies collaboration and information sharing through chat, provides a simple interface through natural language and allows to track and monitor activities through the task manager and moreover there is Smarty, the first Digital Coworker for Industry 4.0 , a virtual assistant able to further simplify and speed up operational processes within the plant.

What does Smarty exactly do? It guides users in carrying out their tasks, thanks to customized workflows and contextual; identifies and involves all the necessary resources; sends reminders for pending activities, notifies alarms and critical situations and reduces time for troubleshooting taking advantage of the Knowledge Base.

Moreover, it reduces time for troubleshooting by using the company’s Knowledge Base.

We love to talk about numbers, here are some improvements achieved thanks to Keethings:

  • 18% reduction in downtime
  • 12% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 30% reduction in training

Are you ready to row with us?

We will be glad to show you more closely our platform.

Press here for a demo.

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