Maintenance reports: made by technicians or scribes?


According to a survey conducted by Plant Engineering Magazine (2019), 39% of factories still use paper to monitor and manage maintenance; 45% of them use in-house created spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel) and only 7% are accustomed with structured software solutions.

How much time should your technicians spend in writing reports?

Often, maintenance reports in plants are poor and inadequate: writing takes precious time… especially for factory workers and technicians who are committed to continuously solve problems that rarely leave any time for any other task.

Inaccurate reports lead to a loss of knowledge and, when they are paper based, information is neither accessible to gain insights on your operations nor available for future reference.

Is it even possible to keep technicians and workers focused on their core activities without sacrificing the completeness of activities reports?

It is with Keethings. We offer a set of features to digitize and optimize maintenance reports creation. The three key features to this are:

  • Digital forms
  • Speech to text
  • Smarty, our Virtual Assistant

Digital forms simplify and speed up data collection, automating, where possible, the compilation of the maintenance reports: technicians take less time and make fewer errors, information is more detailed and immediately available to everyone.

The “Speech to text” feature enables to acquire information directly via voice: technicians can finally create detailed reports in a very simple and fast way, focusing on their “core” activities and optimizing time, resources and performances;

And Smarty, our Digital Coworker , is the key and the final solver of this specific subject: powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) , Smarty simplifies data collection and produces more correct and detailed data (in LESS time).

With Keethings your technicians will be increasingly engaged in their main activities and maintenance management will be smoother and more efficient, with less errors and more insight.

Explore how Keethings can improve your maintenance process: learn more!

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