Factory shift handover: are you sure that “scripta manent”?


Running on three shifts a day is a must-do for the factories with the ambition to meet a massive market demand.

It is in this context of “continuity” that information handover at shift change is of key importance.

Shift change is a critical activity with a direct impact on production quality and efficiency. Poor shift change management is known to cause operational problems such as unexpected downtime, product rework and workforce demotivation, which can result in significant loss of revenue.

Do you know that 40% of problems happen at the line restart right after changeover periods?

Do you know that 75% of all companies manage shift handover on paper with loss of time and performance?

How to cope with that? Are you really sure that scripta manent?

Basically there is a problem of completeness and propagation of information.

Troubles can result from a range of circumstances, including:

  • Missing information
  • Inaccurate information
  • Misunderstandings

Then, digitization of information is another crucial point.

Keethings is the ideal solution to manage shift handovers. Thanks to the Digital Coworker, our virtual assistant, there will be an effective propagation of information. A handover is effectively the transfer of information from an outgoing staff member to an incoming one: it is generally believed to be a one-way process where the outgoing operator decides what information is important to transfer, so that incoming staff can effectively manage the facility.

When operators write shift delivery reports, the reports are based on an assumption: the presumed fact is that all staff members have a shared thought process and common understanding. This hypothesis leads to communication problems, a lack of common understanding and potential accidents. An outbound operator will typically write down anything he thinks is relevant to the upcoming shift, based on personal judgment.

85% of production facilities’ logbooks are in not optimized format and do not provide key information.

With Keethings you are able to digitize “events” and collect/use info in real time to avoid delays and troubles in shift handovers, making them automatic and effective.

No more pieces of paper but Digital Forms, to be fully digital and manage structured information anywhere, at any time.

Keethings solve the so called “last mile problem” in managing company knowledge and operative tasks, using our conversational interface as single point of access to simplify interaction and collaboration via natural language.

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su come rendiamo più efficienti e produttive le aziende del tuo settore.

Ricevi tutti gli aggiornamenti su Keethings e su come rendiamo più efficienti e produttive le aziende del tuo settore.